Monday, August 27, 2012


  This here in Annie.  I'm writting instead of Samantha today.  Not too much happening.  We got #53 and her name is Donna Jane Ames, but we call her DJ for short.  Our owner has 2 cousins on her dad's side of the family and one is Donna and the other is Jane, and that is how she came up with the name Donna Jane.  Well we are getting ready to go back to school.  And re-join our GS troops and other after school activities.  So it will be another busy school year.  There will be 3 girls who will be taking a special class trip in Oct.  They are Samantha, Nancy and DJ.  They will have to do reports on what they have seen.  Well I guess I will say bye for now.  So take care everyone and have a nice school year.


  1. We know DJ a little-we met at Natick. :) School does get busy doesn't it? My sister and I are starting next week even though everyone else has started today.


  2. Hi Annie!

    I met DJ on the Natick trip too. Tell her I say hi.